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Thứ Ba, 17 tháng 9, 2013

How to Have Great Clothes for Every Occasion

Dizano Fashion – Have you ever felt over-shadowed by your friends outfits? Do you want to make people look at you and wonder where you found that great outfit? Well look no further!


1 – Go shopping the weekend before the event. This is crucial if you want to have something new to wear. While you are shopping look for stores that not a lot of people go to, so at the event nobody else will look the same
2 – Formal Wear: Stick to long dresses in solid colors that flatter your figure. Pair it with heels and pretty diamond or pearl earrings. Don’t add any other accessories.
3 – Semi-Formal Wear: Have a pretty top with beading on it to add to the formality of the event. For the bottom you can wear a skirt, patterned or solid. If you want a dress, it should be short. You can wear flats or heels with this outfit. You can wear bracelets in gold and silver or earrings with this.
4 – Casual Wear: You can wear jeans or a casual skirt with this look. For a top a tank top, t-shirt, or any other type of shirt would work. For a dress you can wear a sundress or maxi-dress in fun prints. You can wear any type of shoe besides heels for this. Any type of accessory is okay.


  • Always keep your personal style.
  • Make sure to have your outfit have current trends incorporated in it.
  • If you are wearing accessories make sure not to overdo it.

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