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Thứ Ba, 17 tháng 9, 2013

Paris Men’s Fashion Week at June 2013

Paris Men’s Fashion Week June 2013

Paris Men’s Fashion Week June 2013

Our elves are busy compiling the (very hard-to-find, as always) information on all the men’s and haute couture live streams. When the info. is ready, you’ll be able to just click the links to see the shows live. Huzzah! (Or is it “hurrah?” We forget.)

All shows in Paris time (visit
Wednesday, June 26
5:30 PM – Valentino -
Thursday, June 27
2:00 PM – Louis Vuitton -
Wednesday, July 3
12:30 PM – Elise Saab -
NOTE: When in doubt, check each designer’s Facebook for updates!
More dates and times to come (as we get them) ….

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